Looking for an inspirational speaker? Are you planning an event that could include a craft workshop with Finland’s top experts in upcycled fashion? Drop us a line, because we give awesome talks and host creative workshops!

For several years, we at Remake have produced professional workshops, talks and lectures for both private events, schools and fairs. We are specialized in themes of fashion, professional blogging, arts & crafts, ecological and responsible design and marketing, sustainable style and business models and upcycling design. Our scale ranges from small events and talks to larger courses and consulting private companies.


Remake EkoDesign is an open source minded company, so we also share our knowledge on running a circular business model and recycle design. Please ask for a quote on an event of your choice or suggest another type of collaboration with Remake. All enquiries can be sent to We would love to make you an offer!


All of the workshops, talks, lectures and consultations will be held by Remake’s recycle experts, Master Seamstress Paula Malleus and trashionista Outi Pyy.