Pia Leikas – Seamtress and co-founder

Pia Leikas

Pia Leikas is co-founder of Remake dating back in 2007. Late july eveing she got a call from Paula
explaining that they would need to start to build a firm together. It was not suprise, because they had known 
for almost a decade already at that point. So then and there Remake was born- it only needed Pia to say Yes.


Her education is millinier -99 and 2 year theater-and ataljee studies. She has been a real
joint worker  in clothing from mobilephone covers to skating suits- so she`s a real hammer concerning 
clothes and accessories. In Remake the main work is to run the repair service section of Remakes concept.
There are no such thing as no can do- when it comes to repairing or fixing garment of any kind. 


During 2011-2013 Pia was studying more of textile field and was away from Remakes daily routines, 
but has been coming back for finding best way to collaborate with her baby Remake.