Have something in your wardrobe that does not fit anymore? Or maybe you have a vintage piece that needs to be upgraded or modernized to today. We can refit, alter, repair or customize your old clothes to fit you perfectly. Drop by our boutique and we’ll see how we can help. When your item needs more than two repairs or alterations we give you -20% from the full price. Hourly price for repairments is 55€/h (incl. VAT 24%)

If you would like a made-to-order piece from recycled materials fully designed and tailored to your measurements, contact us for a consultation. When we have an overall idea what you want to have done, we will prepare a plan and an estimate of the work and give you a price quote. Inspiration pictures are really helpful in specifying the design. Made-to-measure pieces require 1 to 3 fittings per garment in order to achieve desired fit. Remake made-to-measure work is executed solely by our Master Seamstress Paula Malleus and her team. Price for all custom made work is 62€/h (incl. VAT 24%)

Maybe you know how to sew, but you want to learn to become better in it or just learn something specific or just more. We can teach you to make patterns, alter the size and fix your clothes, Drape or just sew – and we have a lot of special techniques for example mannequin formatting. The basic price for the one on one teaching at REMAKE is 55€/h (including VAT. 24%) Of course in case you want discuss a set of teaching lessons or lessons for groups we will agree on the price by negotiation. 

In all work we use hourly rating which is 62€ (inc. VAT. 24%). We can give you price estimates after getting some work information from you – follow the instructions here:


Contact us by email CLICK HERE
– we will answer to you as soon as possible.


When something is broken:
– Explain what you would need from us and when.
– Send us a picture of the item and also detail from the broken part.
– Tell us when you would like to come and bring us the work.


When you need us to make you a custom made piece:
– Explain what you would need from us and when.
– Do you have some material on your own.

– Send us  3-10 reference pictures of  what you would like us to do.
– Tell us when you would like to come and bring us the work.


email if you have any questions at all 🙂